Arcana visits the Boston Flower Show!

Daffodils bring their brightness to a wintery weekend!

Last week we traveled to the Boston Flower Show. Here at Arcana, we are getting ready to launch our mail order business so we can ship our beautiful, organic plants across the US! It’s a big task but one that we are incredibly excited about! As with any new venture, lots of research goes in to expanding business so we headed down to Boston to find out if we should start bringing our plants and mail order plans there. What a great event!

Hattie, our marketing guru, enjoying the lovely rhododendrons and tulips at the flower show!

The Boston Flower Show sees thousands of visitors each year. We saw several other friends and farmers from Vermont and went to some awesome classes on climate change, best perennials for drought and herbal infusions among others! The climate change workshop was given by NPR meteorologist David Epstein and illustrated with extensive graphs how New England has warmed over the last 100 years! We also attended a great workshop by Kerry Ann Mendez, an award winning garden designer, who spoke on the subject of flashy foliage perennials. Some that she recommended Achillea ‘Moonshine’, Tiarella ‘Fingerpaint’ and Penstemon ‘Dark Towers’ just to name a few! We also had a chance to meet and connect with vendors and plant lovers alike. Overall, it was an excellent time!

Amazing building constructed over 3 days with 2 tractor trailers worth of stone!

One thing we found was that the show had few people selling live plants for the garden. There were several great houseplant vendors as well as seed companies, bulb producers and a few perennials here and there. Luckily, we were able to connect with one of the organizers of the show and she was thrilled to hear we specialize in perennials and herbs! Looks like we may just be at the Boston Flower Show next year!

Grape hyacinths blooming.

Plants encased in copper and made into incredible jewelry!

Statue made from flowers, bird seed, garden tools and foliage.

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