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One of many purple basils

Arcana’s herb selection boasts a wide variety of both culinary and medicinal herbs, grown with the attentive care of our multiple staff herbalists. Our staff is always happy to answer care questions, offer recipe ideas, and help you learn about medicinal uses. Our yearly catalog is also a great resource- for the first time this year, all of our perennial herbs are included!


Spilanthes (toothache plant) in bloom

Our culinary herb collection is curated to showcase the best each plant has to offer. For example, we grow unusually cold hardy types of lavender, delicious strains of flavored mint, basil, and thyme, and wonderful new favorites like lemon verbena and shiso. Whether you’re looking for classic kitchen staples or a new go-to ingredient, Arcana’s culinary herbs will deliver.


Our medicinal herbs are carefully selected for potency and vitality. We don’t grow anything we wouldn’t use ourselves, and it shows. We have a wide variety of species to cater from those just starting to learn about medicinal herbs to experienced herbalists, and pride ourselves on providing plants that are nearly impossible to find elsewhere.


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