Saxon Hill Co-operative Preschool Visits Arcana!

This week we had the Saxon Hill Co-operative Preschool come to Arcana for a farm adventure! They were such a fun group to have and we did lots of learning and exploring.

We went on a tour of the greenhouses and talked to the kids about different stages of  growing plants. It was a blast to walk through the greenhouses with them and hear their surprise at how hot it was inside! After exploring the veggie plots around the farm, we hung out on the porch of the farmstand and read books about growing gardens.

Can you spot the snake in the above picture? A couple of children found this reptile slithering down our mulch mountains while pretending they were visiting Smuggler’s Notch!

Spinach was big hit! The children also taste tested edible pansy flowers and shiso! Their reactions were varied and very entertaining. Many of them liked the pansies and while a few tried the shiso, an edible plant used mainly in Japanese cooking, it wasn’t as big of a hit.

At the end of the morning, we planted sunflowers and shared our favorite things about the visit. It was a wonderful time and we can’t wait for another field trip!

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