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A workshop held at the old farm stand

Arcana’s workshops are a fantastic way to learn new skills in the garden and beyond. Our workshops cater to a wide variety of interests- everything from container gardening to maintaining a kitchen garden to ecological landscaping! All workshop participants also receive 25% off any and all purchases for the day, to help get you started on your own gardening adventures once class ends. Stay tuned for our 2017 workshop schedule!

Previous Workshops

Managing Storm Water with Gorgeous Gardens

Installing and planting a rain garden can both reduce the erosive forces of storm water runoff in your landscape and keep pollutants out of our watersheds.  Strategically placed and designed to be beautiful, rain gardens enhance a landscape by providing crucial ecosystem services.

Free workshop on the design and installation details of creating a rain garden. Exploring site analysis, how storm water runoff effects watershed health, discuss different forms for gardens that will catch and filter water from large rain events, and look at specific rain garden plants.  Arcana Gardens & Greenhouses is a 20 year old organic farm and nursery that demonstrates a number of effective storm water management practices, such as swales, catchment ponds and rain gardens. Arcana’s collection of rain garden plants is selected to combine beauty and function, featuring many native plants, habitat for pollinators, and some excellent choices for year round attractive foliage.  Hosted by Lake Champlain Sea Grant and Arcana Gardens & Greenhouses

A Tour of the Vegetable Gardens

This tour of vegetable production at Arcana, guided by Alan Plumb, is for both novice and experienced home gardeners. Exploring the 20 year old organically farmed fields and greenhouses, we’ll go beyond the basic needs of plants and discuss the secrets to helping plants thrive. From how to shape beds, to achieving proper nutritional balance, and examining our favorite hand tools (different forks, hoes and other cultivating devices) and their uses, this tour will be packed with down to earth discussions among passionate growers. Special focus will be on the following crops: Garlic, Onions, Leeks, Peppers, Eggplant and Tomatoes.

Participants are encouraged to ask questions, share experiences, and if time allows, encouraged to some get hands on experience.

Alan Plumb is a longtime Arcana gardener who grows great garlic.  He is not a big fan of rototilling, prefers working the soil as little as possible and keeping it covered as much as possible.  His experience with non bed plantings is limited to a very brief period occurring more than 50 years ago. And very limited experience with pests and diseases, preferring instead to take an avoidance approach. Don’t get him started on biodynamics.

Container Gardening

A fun and informative workshop on the joys of container gardening. From flowers and herbs to veggies. Tips on color, texture, and seasonal changes for even the novice gardeners Ideas for privacy screens and other limited space container landscaping as well. Bring a container to work with, we provide the soil, and then design a new space efficient garden for your home! Led by Angela Knapp.

Ecological Landscaping

Ecological Landscaping: local examples of rain gardens, the living roof at the BTV airport, great native plants for landscapes and more. Presentation by Rebecca Lindenmeyer of the Linden LAND Group.

Perennial Garden Design

Interested in learning tips and guidelines for planting a beautiful perennial garden that will give color and interest year round? Come and learn from our experienced perennial crew about different aspects to consider in planning different styles of flower gardens.

Medicinal Herb Walk

A walk on Arcana’s magical land as we explore the nutritive and healing properties of common and easy to grow herbs and wild plants. We will discuss traditional folkloric uses of the herbs, plant identification, and magical plant lore. Learn to grow these plants in your own garden, and discover ways to incorporate them into your life. Led by Aylin McNulty.

Landscaping With Native Plants

Explore the growing collection of native plants at the Arcana Greenhouse as we discuss the why and how of incorporating them in your landscape to create habitat for local pollinators and wildlife. Staff members will share resources for how to identify and avoid invasive plants, match sun, water and soil conditions with their native perennial plant collection, and create functional and beautiful gardens. Led by Alissa White.



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